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Mexican Enchiladas



 For the Enchilada itself:

4 medium size whole wheat soft tortillas. ( look for more flavors, i know you get spinach and tomatoes tortillas)

 For the stuffing:

2 cans of cooked black or red kidney beans ( rinse the beans with plenty of water so that the can liquid is gone) ( I use can because this dish is usually unplanned for me so there is no time to soak the beans)

 1/2 cup medium to hot salsa

2 tsp of hot sauce ( any hot sauce, tobasco, sriracha, red chili sauce)

2 tsp of taco seasoning ( always buy the low sodium one, its readily available and is usually right next to the regular one in the grocery store)

salt to taste

1/4 cup of water.

1 onion, 1 large pepper (orange,green or yellow)Some jalapeno peppers from the jar.

1 Avocado, scooped,mashed and mixed with few tsp of lemon juice OR use ready guacamole. ( i prefer fresh)

 Toppings :

 Shredded Lettuce, 1/2 cup grated cheese, salsa and fat free sour cream.


In a sauce pan, mix beans,salsa hot sauce,water and taco seasoning and let it simmer till beans are mushy.

Partially mash the beans so the mix is thick and coarse. Keep aside.


Saute the onions and peppers until golden and tender, season with salt. keep aside.


In a baking dish, spread some salsa to wet the bottom.

Take each tortilla and in the center spread about 3 tablespoons of bean mix, top it with onions and peppers, shredded lettuce, guacamole and add some salsa.

Fold one side of the tortilla followed by another so that it becomes a stuffed roll.

Do the same with the other tortillas.

Lay them on the baking dish, top them with grated cheese and bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes until the cheese is gooey and melted.

To serve, top each tortilla with a dollop of sour cream and salsa.

By Aditi Sheth