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Aditi Sheth

Well, there is no denying the fact that food connects us all in more ways than one, Bigburrp is a collective effort to bring known and unknown people together via their cooking, whether one is ‘once-in-a-while’ cook or someone glued to the kitchen, it is the gratification of giving an idea a form, in the end of it all.

I love to cook and while I would prefer to cook healthier, I don’t always do. Food for me is also about bringing a family together at the end of the day and we like to throw in that tiny spoon of grease every once in a while. Raising health conscious children is such a challenge today considering there is temptation at every corner they turn their head, throwing a pack of potato wedges in the lunch box is easier than making them a salad and putting up a fight at the end of an already challenged day is a living nightmare..but ironically there are so many more resources available to live a better life now than before. The awareness is large and I believe all it takes is stretching yourself just a little bit extra to make your family a healthier meal that has more good than grease and loads of love…Happy Cooking,Eating and Feeding  :):)

Priya Vaidya

An artist at heart, engineer by profession, I owe my love for food and respect for indian cooking to my grandmom who pampered me with loads of delicacies during my childhood. This blog is a way to pass on her gift and also to learn and improvise with current exposure to wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 

I love to eat, cook and share. Sharing to me is important, I enjoy my food only if others (family and friends) enjoy with me. Being indian, and raised in traditional maharashtrian family I believe its my duty to pass on the traditional recipes to the next generation. In the current era, of fast food its important for our kids to know our food culture. Unless we (parents) remain steadfast and continue making and serving them, then and only then we can hope that our food culture will continue to stay. Evolving is nature and we cannot stop it, as long as the evolution is towards being health conscious and not towards just cutting effort and cost without care for health effects, I am open to evolving old traditional recipes.

Deepika Gupta

Eat to live, live to eat.. is what i believe in.I have always been a big foodie.. just love hanging out with family and friends and trying out different cuisines. I have always had a sweet tooth and cant resist myself when I come across a chocolate, pastry, ice-cream shop 🙂

I used to run away from the kitchen, but since the birth of my son.. actually since the day he started solids, I just love cooking different variety of food for him.. specially healthy stuffs. With so much of adulteration and growth hormones being added to food these days, I try to cook as healthy as possible.
This blog is a great help in achieving that 🙂


Vaishali Kulkarni

A girl next door from a typical Indian Middle Class family, is how I will describe myself. I am also a Software Engineer by profession.

My cooking exploration and adventure began after getting married and coming to United States. I had hardly entered kitchen before that. Managing the kitchen then was tough without a single call back home in India. Soon, I realized that the way to people’s heart goes through their stomach; hence I started trying different recipes. The more I tried different recipes, the more I started developing interest in them. Simultaneous exposure of different international cuisines encouraged me to try several fusions out of everyday recipes. Many of them turned nice and I got a green signal from the people who tried them – which was an encouragement to try more. I soon realized that cooking is an art which can be learnt through experimentation and associated failures.

Getting to share my recipes besides learning is a “cherry on top” idea! Looking forward to share more on the group!


Madhu Thube

Anuradha Belpu

Deepika Gupta

Shalley Sharma

Sudipta Chatterjee

Poonam R

Girish Behal

Bhavna Behal

Jasmine Thakkar

Jyoti Achar

Neha Sovani

Vaishali K


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vaishali Kulkarni on March 1, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Nice! I like the idea and will be honored to be part of BigBurp!


  2. Great collection of some traditional and some “not-so” traditional mouth watering delights 🙂 Awesome..!!


  3. Thanks Sneh..


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