Spinach Quesadillas

This recipe is the quickest ever I love to do anytime we reach home at the end of the day. Very light and easy to make. I love the fact that there are only three ready made ingredients involved in it 😉


Tortilla – Plain/your favorite flavor

Fresh Baby Spinach

Grated cheese of your choice


Place a tortilla in a pan/tava on low flame

Spread baby spinach ( you can either cut the leaves or use uncut baby spinach) and cheese over it.

Add little salt and paper – optional

Let it cook till the point Tortilla becomes slightly crispy and cheese starts melting down on it.

Put another tortilla on it and change the upside down with both the tortillas carrying the stuffing.

Let it cook on the other side till it becomes sufficiently crispy

Get it in a plate and cut 8 pieces of it with the help of pizza cutter

Serve hot.

Great and healthy 2-mins food for kids.

By Vaishali Kulkarni



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