Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Skin Chutney


1 Lauki skin only grated (fine side of grater)

2 tsp sesame seeds

2 tsp dry grated coconut

salt to taste

1-2 green chillies

curry leaves

for tadka: oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asofeotida, turmeric powder

If you are making lauki subji, instead of throwing away skin, grate it using a grater and put it in ample water, so that it does not discolor. In a frying pan make tadka (standard, oil, mustard-cumin seeds, asofoetida, turmeric powder, curry leaves and add cut green chillies to taste). Squeeze out water from the grated lauki skin and add it to the tadka. Keep stirring on medium flame, until the water is dried and it looks toasted. Add sesame seeds, dry grated coconut and salt to taste. Keey stirring and toast the mixture for another 5-10 minutes. When it looks nice light brownish color, chutney is done.

This is a dry chutney, tastes amazing, nice way to not waste the skin. You can also make similar chutney (exact same receipe) from snake gourd skin. That comes out amazing as well.


By Priya Vaidya



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