Surali vadi


1 cup gram floor (Besan)
2 cups Butter milk prepared from really sour yogurt
½ T-spoon asafoetida
½ cup nicely chopped coriander
½ cup shredded coconut
½ T-spoon finely chopped green chili
Salt as per taste
Oil, cumin seeds and curry leaves for seasoning


Mix coriander, shredded coconut and chopped green chilli and keep it aside.
Mix the gram floor and butter milk nicely in a flat-base pot (similar to one we use in pressure cooker).
Add salt as per the taste and asafoetida in it and mix well to form a batter.
Steam the batter in the pressure cooker for 15-minutes.
Take the cooked batter in a pan and heat it on medium flame by continuously mixing it with the help of flat spoon till the time it starts getting separated from the pan.
Now, this would be a really soft paste which can be converted in the thin layers easily.
Immediately start spreading it on a big steel plate as thin as possible with the same spoon. Need to do it really fast before the batter starts getting cold.
Spread the mixture of coriander and coconut (prepared in the first step).
Within 5 mins the spread will start separating from the plate (as a layer).
Start rolling it from one side to the other end.
Cut the roll nicely into 1 inch pieces.
Take all the pieces in a bowl and add cumin-curry leaves seasoning on it.
Decorate it with coriander leaves and server hot.


By Vaishali Kulkarni



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