Vegetarian Shami Kebabs

Traditionally Shami kebabs are made of minced meat, this is a vegetarian version of them with combination of unusual ingredients, something different to make and serve from the usual array of appetizers..I found this recipe on the internet..tried it and loved it.


For Kebabs: Makes about 12-14

1 firm plantain (raw banana)

1/4 cup chana daal ( cooked through but not mushy, just firm enough)

1 onion (fine diced)

Few green chilis (finely chopped)

Half a bunch of Coriander/cilantro (finely chopped)

10-12 leaves of Mint (finely chopped)

Red chili powder, Turmeric powder, Amchur Powder, Chaat masala and Salt, all these to taste


For the inside stuffing:

1/2 cup of fine grated paneer

Few fresh pomegranate pods

Salt,red chili powder and armchur powder, all to taste.

Mix it well.



1) Boil the plantain in water until its cooked through but make sure you don’t leave the plantain in the water after its done. (should be cooked but firm)

2) Mash the plantain and keep aside.

3) Saute the fine diced onions in a little oil, add green chilies and saute a min or so.

4) Add chana daal,plantain mash, cilantro, mint and all seasoning mentioned above, saute it for a min or so until mixed well.

5) Make a ball of this plantain-daal mix and in your palm flatten it to a small round.

6) Take little paneer mash and put it in the center of the plantain mash, close it to make them into small pattie size kebabs, about an inch or two in circumference.

7) Take some oil in a shallow pan and sear them until golden brown.

The nice part of the dish is when you bit into the kebabs, the paneer stuffing is a surprise and it also makes these kebabs very cheesy to taste and the pomegranate seeds are a big surprise too.

Serve it with chutney of your choice.
By Aditi Sheth





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