Twisted Healthier Whoopie Pie






Ingredients :

Two pieces large size Voortman’s omega 3-flax seed cookies (oh yeah! those 🙂 u get them readily in the grocery stores and they are very tasty, nothing like the name suggests, infact they taste just like oatmeal cookies)


If you don’t find these cookies, scout in the aisle for voortman’s other cookies or look for cookies with less fat.

1 large dollop of frozen yogurt (any flavor you like: berries,lemon,vanilla or chocolate)

Sprinkles (whatever your heart wants, i have used chocolate)

A spoonful of any kind of sauce to drizzle over- Optional ( strawberry,raspberry, hershey’s syrup)


Take the dollop of frozen yogurt and place between the two cookies.


Work quick.

Roll the sandwich in a plate of sprinkles and drizzle a thin line of sauce.

Refrigerate immediately if you are eating later or serve.

The original whoppie pies have cake like cookies and  cream between them.

Using frozen yogurt cuts the calories and fat in half and also the flax seed a

nd omega 3 add some nutrition to the cookies.

By Aditi Sheth



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