Instant Pedha/Barfi (Healthier version of traditional Indian sweet)



2 cups milk powder (nestle), you can look for 2% milk if you can find, i used normal milk powder


1/2 cup sugar (I like little less sweet, increase this if it suits your taste,


10-12 table spoons skim milk (enough to get this wet and mixed up)


Any flavoring of choice – Almond powder (4-5 table spoon), Pistachio powder, saffron, cardamon powder (any or all of these)


Mix the milk powder and sugar in glass bowl.

Microwave for 55 sec. (assuming avg. microwave power).

Take it out stir it and add milk, little by little.

We want to add milk enough to just get it wet and mixed up. Will look something like shown in picture.

Again mircowave for 40 – 50 secs. Take its out stir. Put back in microwave again for 40-50 secs. You may have to do it 2-3 times, use your judgement, when the mixture looks dry, add the flavouring (almond, saffron, cardamon, pistachio).

Again stir and microwave for few seconds and let it cool. After 5-10 mins, make the barfi/pedhe style balls.. Use your creativity and style. You can shape them any form at this point, the mixture is nice like a dough. You can als make like the modak shape for ganapati.

Given that we are not using butter/ghee or heavy cream still taste wise this comes out much closer to the mava barfi back home.


By Priya Vaidya



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Veenu on September 24, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    very nice n yummy n easy to cook…brot a smile on my face.Thanks


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